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JCF Corp. is a leading provider of consulting services to small and medium business in Publishing Industry all over the world. Operating state-of-the-art facilities in Singapore embedded in accordance to international standards, we offer wide services to academic and scholar world which includes search for publisher, assistance in publishing journals, backing for organizing conferences and finding the right partner for their business- be it upbringing every phase of Journal to Publishing Articles and up to running a conferences.

Our Services

At JCF Corp, we are committed to find solutions for all kind of needs of publishing industry making no compromises with the quality of our services. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to providing best services to our clients. Being in the Publishing industry for quite some time now, we know the importance of listening to our customers and hearing what they have to say. Our team will work closely with you throughout the designing phase to make sure the final output is what you wanted and the way you wanted it to be. The aim of JCF Corp is to persuade the Publishers, Scientific Conference organizers, Association, Societies, Scholars, Students, and others to generate and to develop a particular point of view towards the beneficial role in Scholarly/Academic world.

Why With Us

We make sure that whatever approach we take, is carefully monitored and researched upon. By this we eliminate certain approaches and tactics that aren't fetching us the desired output and exposure that we need. Here at JCF Corp we take it very serious since we know the importance of it and how much it can grow, enhance and benefit our clients.

Benefits of our services:

·  Reduced human cost and efforts
·  Common platform for networking
·  Trustworthy assistance
· One stop-one shop service for publishing       industry
·  Reduced paperwork
·  Reliable Budgeting and Estimation services

We Value Time     We Value Our Customer
                          We Value Faith


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"JCF is very helpful for scholars like me, they helped me to find the right journal to publish my article."
- Romina Vosoughi

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